Überblick des Unified Guest Messengers

Unified Guest Messenger

Verschiedene Kommunikationsplattformen

Dialog on all guest channels

Until a few years ago, guest communication was simple: telephone, fax and e-mail were sufficient. Nowadays Messenger services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Co. are added. The hotelier now has the task of finding a solution process so that the guest can communicate with the hotel on his preferred channel - without having to use different mobile phones.

Brand Activities

The major players on the market are increasingly following the messenger trend. Example meadow Marriott with its 24/7 Chat service, which they offer mind you, however, not to each guest segment. With the mc³ Unified Guest Messenger there are no such restrictions, it is available to all guests.

Hospitality Apps

Dialog Start

Where does the dialogue with the guest about Messenger services begin today? Already on the homepage you should start a dialogue and present the choice to the visitor. The most important part, however, is the time from which the reservation is made. This is where you can actively promote customer loyalty. With OTA bookers, there is also the possibility today to start your own dialogue for pre-arrival services and mobile check-in. In any case, you will get to know your guests better through a dialogue system.

Messenger Hub

We create the technical conditions for the modern guest dialogue. With our Messenger Hub, your employees can communicate with your guests via all preferred channels without being active in WhatsApp, for example. All open dialogues over the whole Guest Journey are always in the field of vision and glow red, for example, if a given waiting time has been exceeded, furthermore they can be arranged according to responsibilities and faded in or out.

Mobiles Einchecken

Personal Dialog

The personal chat dialogue is just as valuable as a personal conversation or telephone call. This is the best way to get to know your guests. The advantage: The dialog is easy to use and always transparent.

Automatic Dialog + Mobile App

The automatic dialog starts after the reservation of the guest. If the mobile number of the guest is available via PMS parameters, then the automatic dialog starts with the offer of the mobile app usage.

Chat Bot

Automatic Dialog + Hospitality Apps

Ask the guest if he has a special wish for his arrival. For this you can use our Pre-Arrival Service App. It is also practical if the guest can preset the desired room temperature while on the move. Automatic temperature controls for day and night can last up to 30 minutes.

Automatic Dialog + Third Party Apps

Today Mobile Check In is an important self service app for guests that offers them time saving potential. We use linked apps from partners for this purpose. These can also be the apps provided by the PMS manufacturers.

Textmessaging statt einem Zimmertelefon

After Sales Contact

Automatic Dialog - After Sales

Very important is the after sales contact. The dialogue with the guest does not have to end with the departure. If the guest does not end the dialogue himself, you can remind yourself again and again or point out news in your hotel - of course only with the prior consent of the guest.

Text Messaging instead of room telephone

Many hotels today do without the room telephone. In this case, an individual messenger channel to the guest becomes even more important in order to maintain personal contact. The dialogue is always transparent and traceable for all employees. Nothing needs to be logged.

After Sales Contact