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Central Airplay & Chromecast Streamer


Streaming is the new TV

TV behavior has changed, especially among the younger generation. Streaming from online portals is now the preferred form of entertainment and therefore streaming is the new TV. The number of national providers is already very diverse, as can be seen on the left; the number of international providers is correspondingly higher. Apple is increasing its market presence with the new Apple TV+ service and film studios such as Disney are also entering the streaming app market.

Smart TV as Big Screen

Streaming apps are preferably located on the smartphone - the constant travel companion of the guests. The hotelier now has to provide all streaming protocols as a connection to the "big screen". The following technologies have established themselves on the market: Bluetooth for music transmission, airplay for Apple content from the Apple TV+ app and locally stored files. Chromecast for transmission from most other portals on the market, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Smart TVs als Bildschirm

Smart TVs als Bildschirm

Central Streamer

With our Central Airplay & Chromecast Streamer solution, approx. 10% of the rooms are reserved as physical Apple TVs and Chromecast Sticks. There is a technical HDMI to LAN conversion to the room TVs. Advantage for the hotelier: No installation / maintenance effort in the room, at the same time fulfilling all guest requirements in terms of streaming.


The guest requests his streaming device via TV app on demand and then the handling runs like he is used to from home. This happens without any loss of time in the transmission.

Streaming für alle Dienste

Trouble Free & Cost Effective

The advantages of a central solution are obvious: no installation effort in the room, no maintenance in the room, no quality controls through housekeeping. In addition, with today's product cycles, a new purchase can be expected in about 3 years - a cost factor that must be taken into account when installing the devices in the room.

Chromecast decentralized

You only have stand alone TVs in the rooms? Then you only have the possibility to provide your guests with the most popular streaming apps via Chromecast Stick. This will be installed permanently in every room and must offer the appropriate network "room to room" protection.

Streaming mit einem Chromecast

McKinsey study: Every second person in germany uses Netflix, Amazon & Co.

The latest study by Mc Kinsey from 14.11.2019 proves the steadily increasing use of streaming services. You can find the full article here.


In the issue 11/19 we had the pleasure to contribute to the "first class" with an article on the current state of In-Room Streaming. Just have a look. Just have a look.

Streaming mit einem Chromecast

Customer Voice

A clear quality judgement from the customer - that of course honours us. Not without a background, because the customer had determined quality differences between different suppliers through benchmark tests.