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Smart Signage

Hersteller von Smart Signage Bildschirmen


Smart signage screens have spread just as rapidly as smart TVs. Digital content is presented without operation at all. This ranges from posters to self-running apps. Today, all leading manufacturers offer Smart Signage Screen models in many sizes equivalent to the TVs. These screens are primarily designed for continuous operation.


The most common signage content is posters. These are used by most hotel brands because they can be used flexibly at all touchpoints. Pin-sharp display resolution and graphic effects attract the viewer's attention.


The right touchpoints are the be-all and end-all for reaching guests digitally. They can also be located outside the hotel. Shop windows or airport terminals are examples of rented signage screens. Elevators, conference break area, reception and corridors are examples for frequently frequented places in the hotel.

Media Wall

You can achieve full attention with a Media Wall. Here 4 single screens are combined to one big screen. The content can be presented alternately on individual screens or over the entire area.

Digital Room Signage

Digital signage - in its origin this was the classic conference signage. This application is not missing in any hotel today, but it is realized via apps. The employees in the back office manage the signage on master and door screens using browser software.

Presentation Screens

Today, screens for presentations in conference rooms have several functions to fulfil - on the one hand to stream content from each participant via Miracast / Airplay, or on the other hand as a white board function for the speaker. We have specially developed an all-in-one solution - talk to us about it.

Touch Screens

Nowadays touch screens are absolutely affordable and allow to present multiple content by touch movement. These are mainly app contents already created by Smart Hotel TV or Guest Mobile App.

Hospitality Apps

Some hospitality apps are ideally suited as self-running content for Smart Signage screens, e.g. to always present current traffic information or social media content.

Displaymanager zur Steuerung

Screen Manager

Hotel employees want self-determination when it comes to screen management. With our Screen Manager you can determine which screen should take over which function, e.g. master screen for conferences or poster screen only. Using our multi-screen marketing tool, it is also possible to determine an exact schedule for temporal promotion (posters) for all screens.

Customer Voice

The Novotel World Trade Center in Dubai uses the signage screens as an important customer interface. With frequently changing posters, hotel offers are offered - so administration must be particularly fast and simple - and therefore effective.

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