Multiscreen Marketing

Multiscreen Marketing

Zentrales Tool zur Verwaltung

The Principle

"We have to get closer to our guests in the house, this is the only way to build customer relationships, promote services and boost sales" - this is what you often hear at service seminars. But in the age of online booking and mobile check-in, it's easier said than done. With Multi Screen Marketing we offer a tool with which you can easily connect the digital interfaces to the guest (touchpoints) with your marketing and guest care activities.


The digital guest touchpoints to the guest: Smart TV Portal - In-Room Tablet - Guest Device - Signage Screen - TV Channel 1 - Hotel Homepage.

Multi Media Mail

The next Christmas promotion or today's bar event - with Multi Media Mails you can reach your guests 100% in their rooms. The receipt of the message is also displayed in the current TV program or as an inbox in the TV portal.


Promotions are digital posters created by you, which can be displayed on the respective screens in a time-controlled manner.

Sales Campaign

Here a Smart TV is shown to its full advantage in the room. The breakfast sale is an ideal example of this. For this purpose, the TV can be switched on automatically in the morning at a certain time - you control the content and the time.

Guest Care

The first impression counts, especially when entering the room for the first time. Nothing creates more connection to the guest than a personal greeting in his national language. Or they do the job for your customer to greet his participants.

Social Channels

For sure you use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as customer channels. Now you can expand the circle of users with presentations on further touchpoints, such as Smart TV and Smart Signage screens. The presentation of already created content on these media is fully automatic.


With a hotel blog you present particularly stylish news or sights from your environment or the city. In addition, your employees are the best connoisseurs of the insider scene and are happy to take on the role of bloggers. Especially important - you reach all touchpoints with the blog.

Podcast - YT Clips


Do you also create podcast movies that you put into a Youtube channel? Then expand your target group and present these short films on your TV channel no. 1.


Sometimes it is just the simple things that help, e.g. to run a presentation on a certain screen. You can also use "Back of the House" screens to keep your employees up to date.

Podcast - YT Clips

Create Content

In order to prepare content in social media style, we provide you with several ready-made templates together with the Wordpress CMS.

mc3 Tool

With our tool you manage all relevant screens (digital touchpoints) as well as your marketing and guest care activities. You link both sides with time sequences, which you determine freely.