Hospitality Apps

Hospitality Apps

Plattformen auf denen die Hospitality Apps lauffähig sind


The hospitality apps are web-based and can be run in the room on smart hotel TVs and guest devices such as notebooks, tablet PCs and smartphones. In the public sector they are used on virtual concierge screens or self-running on smart signage screens.

Graphical User Interface

Overview has right of way. We divide the apps on the portal screen into clear categories: Guest - Connect - Entertainment - Hotel - Services - City. You decide whether the TV channels are preselected by default or a hotel service.

Plattformen auf denen die Hospitality Apps lauffähig sind

Customer CI

The graphic implementation of the corporate identity of our customers is a compulsory task for us. In the age of modern HTML techniques almost everything is possible, including special fonts, which are also supported by modern Smart Hotel TVs.

Guest Data

The bill display is a basic service. Our extended service: If all formalities with the guest have been settled at check-in for the purpose of cost assurance and an e-mail address is available, then the guest is given the option of in-room check-out. If, for example, there is a large crowd at the reception on the day of departure, a message appears on the TV: "Use the room check-out and save time".

Plattformen auf denen die Hospitality Apps lauffähig sind

Guest Care

First impressions count. Accordingly, guests should be greeted personally and above all in their national language when entering the room for the first time. The graphic form of the greeting can be varied - as a banner, picture graphic, movie or welcome letter. Of course, this can also be a company-specific greeting.


For entertainment apps we rely on first class: Instant EPG, digital program guide with analog flair, 24h reverse TV, private video recorder function, live view channel list, media library, jukebox, streaming apps, individual channel bouquet sorting. As part of a modern IPTV solution, we even offer more than today's smart home entertainment solutions.

Hotel Story

Tell the story of your hotel: Use our Content Management to bring the story to life. With ready-made templates, you can choose between different forms of presentation, such as blog or social media style.

Self Services

Self Service Apps have long since found great acceptance among today's guests. In-Room Breakfast, In-Room Dining, table reservations or general service requests - the apps are permanently available to the guest with a clear product range and precise scheduling, whether on the TV or personal device.

Multimediale Nachrichten zum Gast senden

Room Control

The younger generation of hotel guests loves to control everything and everyone with their smartphone. The complete room control is therefore of course an important hospitality app on the guest device, but also available on the TV. Changes in lighting conditions or climate can thus be made at any time.

Cloud Information

What public information is relevant to the guest and how can it be presented in a way that is beneficial to the guest? Traffic information is a prime example of this: to present all connections from the hotel to the train station or airport and the departure or arrival times there at a glance, without advertising and always up-to-date. We realize this app fully automated and aligned to the respective city via RSS feed data.

Social Media Channels

You certainly use social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay in touch with your customers through these channels. Now you can expand the circle of users with presentations on additional touchpoints, such as Smart TV and Smart Signage screens. The presentation of already created content on these media is fully automatic and you can also choose between different layouts.

Insider Blog

What are the hottest cafes in town? Where is the best ice cream parlour? Which jogging route is nearby? With an Insider Blog you bring the city or the surrounding area with your special features directly to the guest and provide small highlights during your stay. Your staff will certainly be familiar with the local scene and will be happy to take on the role of blogger. With our Content Management we provide you with a ready-to-use tool. You can present your blog on Smart TV, on guest devices, on signage screens and on your homepage.


Your guests are sure to feel at home in your hotel rooms, but would you also like to encourage them to visit your facilities and generate more sales? Your Smart TV is the ideal touch point to reach your guests. When switched on, you can, for example, advertise your oriental week, announce your New Year's Eve party via multi-media message or boost your breakfast sales with an instant message.


The Houskeeping App is a useful back office app. The room status for the PMS can be easily changed by the maid, consumption can be booked directly by the mini-bar waiter or the status of repair cases can be updated by the building services staff. All this is possible from Smart TV in the room and saves the need to carry a mobile device.

Online Konsummöglichkeiten für den Hotelgast

Paperless hotel room

All ecological and economic aspects speak today for a paperless hotel room. Because only digital information can always be kept up-to-date and individual. The use of our hospitality apps eliminates the need for analogue print material in the room. By the way - most hotel chains reward you for a paperless and therefore green hotel room in the respective scoring.

Content Management

Hotel directory, menu contents, news blog - with many apps you as a hotelier can manage the contents and changes freely. For this we rely on the widespread content management system WORDPRESS. Depending on the CI and App structure, an appropriate template is used for the visual representation.

Gäste können Ihre Daten über den TV einsehen und kontrollieren

Gäste können Ihre Daten über den TV einsehen und kontrollieren

Business Intelligence

Which TV channels were preferred? Which orders were placed in which period? Which guest group uses room service most frequently? Which information apps were used? How often was the streaming service used? Digitalization offers significant advantages over the analogue world. All these questions and more can now be answered. Business Intelligence evaluations are an important hotel management tool today.

Customer Voice

The Victory Hotel Therme Erding has to master a special balancing act when it comes to guest information: On the one hand, it has to communicate its own hotel services to its guests, on the other hand, it has to offer a wide range of services. Thermen offer to present. We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to it.