Room Controller

Room Controller

Room Controller im Standard-Einbaurahmen

Frequent guest complaint

As shown in the picture on the left, wall panels often look like in hotel rooms. To be honest, do you understand every symbol behind them? Ultimately, guests often have to test what's happening and then get confused by changes in condition - which often leads to complaints.

Pushbutton / Switch

For the lamps in the room we keep the operation classically simple: A button or switch for on-off of the respective lamp and a second for central off of the lighting. With push-buttons, a dimming function can also be integrated by pressing the button for a longer time.

Smart Panels

At least one Smart Panel in the room is indispensable for the individual control of lighting conditions and climate. Lighting can also be changed in matter of light temperature and brightness - all with voice guidance to ensure simple and understandable operation.

Guest Device

Modern people with an affinity for technology love to be able to control everything in their rooms via apps. The Smart Room Control App is ready for use on the guest devices. The highlight - in the tablet version a preview mode is built in, in order to be able to regard special light moods already before activation.

Lichtdesign über das Panel


If you cannot or do not want to use a guest device, you can make changes to the room configuration at any time using the Smart TV App. The app always remains responsive in operation and appearance.


The most modern form of operation in the room is voice control. You do not need an extra echo device in the room. Speech recognition is an optional feature of the Room Controller. The Smart Panels can be ordered either with microphone or additionally with loudspeaker.