Room Controller

Room Controller

Room Controller im Standard-Einbaurahmen

Panel 4

Our smart room control panel 4 can be integrated in all standard switch programs. Special bonus: it is operated using a clear and understandable text format - with each interface in the respective language. Up to four different control processes can be integrated, depending on location.

Panel 6

Panel 6 should be seen as a detached unit of switch programs; however, the connection via a UP plug is kept. Six freely definable room control functions can be set.

Room Controller im großen Panel

Room Controller auf Gastgeräten

Guest Device

The smart control app can run on any guest device, so a stationary tablet is not needed in the room. Our app can show its full potential here, alongside the classical regulation of colour temperature, brightness and special ambient lighting. The special highlight - this can all be performed in preview mode. Make an appointment for a remote demonstration with us and convince yourself.

TV Remote Control

Modern and tech-savvy people love to control everything in the room using an app. We have integrated a TV remote control functionality into the smart room control app; this makes reaching for the classic remote superfluos.

TV Fernbedienung auf Gastgeräten

Lichtdesign über das Panel

Light Design

Thanks to modern RGB-LED strips we can set hotel rooms to different colours nowadays. An experience that guests especially appreciate in the bathroom, accompanied by matching radio music. Our intelligent panels are flexibly customizable.

Ambient Light

A sunrise over the bed is a special mood scene. Programmable LED strips allow for such an ambience. Paired with our wake-up function it makes for a modern light alarm. However, other scenes such as rainbows or blue hour can be chosen via smart room control app, too.

Kommunikation mit dem Gast über das Panel


Modern sound-insulation-doors grant uninterrupted sleep, but you can barely hear a knock on the door. With our smart entrance panel we take care of communication between the in- and outside of the hotel room.

Automated Services

Not the umpteenth operating option makes for the value of a room controller, but rather the automatic services: biodynamic lighting control based on time of the day and season, daylight colour temperature in the bathroom in the morning and dimmed light with blue light filtering at night are just a few examples.

Infrastruktur im Hotelzimmer


Electrical engineers and installers have freedom of choice when it comes to infrastructure. For biological construction reasons we recommend using shielded cables. The cabling of our room controller is done in star topology starting from the room distributor and won’t cost more than a conventional cabling.

System configuration

The system configuration and therefore the extension level is highly configurable. Depending on the type of room the necessary connection components and their number have to be defined: 230 Volt circuits, 12/24 Volt circuits for single lights, 12/24 Volt circuits for RGBW LED strips, connectors for intelligent panels, connectors for intelligent devices, LAN connectors. Talk to us, we’re happy to advise you and make the necessary calculations.

Systemkonfiguration der Hotelzimmer