19 Zoll Einbauserver

TV Headend

Doppelter 19 Zoll Server

Own Development

Why an own development? In order to be able to react flexibly to hotel needs and above all promptly. Central streaming and Internet TV are important examples. Today, our headend system is successfully used in many hotels - in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the Middle East.


Standard feature of a modern headend: Support of IP-TV and DVBC TV (Cable TV) - also in combined operation. High transponder density enables a compact design with low space requirements.

Signalweiterleitung zwischen Hotels

Internet TV

Due to the curvature of the earth, some satellites cannot be received everywhere - sometimes this is politically desired. The best examples are the ITV and BBC programs from England. In Frankfurt still receivable with a 1.5 meter bowl, in Munich only with >3.0 meters and in Berlin no longer at all. For chain hotels we offer a special solution: The transmitters are received e.g. in the Frankfurt-Hotel, transferred by Internet to Berlin and fed there again into the hotel IPTV system - satisfied international customers are the result.

HDMI Streamer

This technology enables us to offer hotel guests a central airplay and chromecast solution. No hardware in the room also means less maintenance and reliability. Only about 10% of the respective devices are stored in the head office. The guest simply requests a device with a click, the rest of the operation remains as usual.

EPG - Program Guide - Cahnnel List

All these features appear in our modern style: We ensure permanent display of all programmes and also provide current programmes with a live view picture.

Personalized TV Bouquets

Personalization is also an important topic for TV stations. The guest is presented with the country bouquet of his home country on top. Individual bouquets are possible if, for example, certain channels are to be excluded from a guest segment.

Channel 1

Channel 1 of the TV channel list has always been of great importance. Via our streamer, the channel can be occupied via Internet stream or as a conventional TS stream or in any movie format.

Sat Reception

When planning the satellite reception, we pay great attention to the structural conditions, either when assembling large diameter dishes or when compressing LNBs to a few dishes.

Sat Schüssel mit 4 LNBs

Quality Assurance

Empty station slots are a no go for us, in case of intermittent weather-related disturbances or station relocations. We display a corresponding information picture.

Setup & Service

Important features in remote service operation: Central management of station numbers on Smart TV, including station names (add, move, delete, rename programs). Temporary reassignment of channel numbers with information screens (e.g. bad weather). Complete remote configuration incl. relocation to other levels or satellites. Complete remote diagnosis incl. signal quality.

Kopfstations Konfiguration