Technische Geräte im Hotelzimmer

Guest Device & Internet

verschiedene Gastgeräte

Bring your own device

Which equipment does the guest carry to the hotel? Notebook, tablet PC, smartphone, streaming devices - these are the most common digital travel companions. And guests simply expect the devices to be just as easy to use and operate for them as they are at home. In order to achieve guest satisfaction here, the hotelier must be technically well prepared.

High Speed Internet

Guest authentication, defined bandwidth for all devices, regulation of bandwidth during operation, data security for guest and hotel - these are today's requirements for an Internet gateway in a hotel. Here we can draw on 15 years of development experience. The Portal Screen can also be used as a link for the Guest Mobile App or for promotions.

High Speed Internet Portal

Authentification & Billing

Guest authentication with high-speed Internet access makes sense, if only because the guest has to confirm the terms and conditions. Especially for chains the combination "Guest - Club Member Status - Internet Bandwidth" is important, because this clientele should be treated preferentially. Internet is rarely charged for guests anymore, but is still possible for all points of view.

Connect Device

Connecting a streaming device to the hotel Internet sometimes requires a special procedure in the HSIA system. Many devices do not have an input option when logging on to the Internet - here the process would fail if a start page redirection is active. For these cases, we provide a separate link in the portal, which enables registration without any identification via a special SSID - but still offers "room to room" protection.

Connect Device

Business Center PCs im Hotel

Business Center PCs

Business Center PCs should be an integral part of the public area - for quickly researching something or printing a document. We take special care of data protection, i.e. historical data is deleted after each use.

Generate Vouchers

Vouchers are not only used for passers-by, but are also used especially in the conference area. At large events, the available Internet bandwidth can become scarce. Here it must be guaranteed that the speakers receive a preferred and secured bandwidth. Especially if the organizer is charged a fee for a fixed bandwidth.

Internetnutzung über Voucher

Spezielle Konferenz Netzwerkkonfiguration


Conference is a hardware-software solution. With a few simple steps, the building services can provide a closed network for the event, coupled with a dedicated bandwidth from the hotel pool or via a line provided by the carrier.

Bandwidth Regulation

The available Internet bandwidth in the hotel must always be optimally controlled. This is a permanent and therefore every second running process, which considers all room guests and events with the given parameters.

Faire Bandbreitenregulierung

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

We do our job in the background and the hotel and its customers are satisfied - all the more we are happy about such statements, especially from a big player like Google.