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Smart Entrance

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Why Smart Entrance?

The development of an online door locking system is the logical consequence of a smart room concept. The Smart Panel is directly connected to the Room Controller via cable. The most important requirement: it must be possible to change room setup immediately upon entering the room. And as many guests as possible must be given keyless entry.

Bypass Reception

In the age of Online Booking & Online Check In many guests don't want to stop at the reception anymore - just to get their room key. Therefore, today a keyless room is indispensable for this target group in order to save time.

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PIN Code & Bluetooth

The guest has the choice for keyless access: his own PIN code or via NFC / Bluetooth contact. All methods can be automatically integrated into the Pre Arrival Dialog and appear after successful check-in. There are check-in terminals in the lobby or the classic way via the reception remains.

Guest Entry

After the guest has activated the entry type, the actual access to the room works in a matter of seconds by holding the mobile phone to the door sign or entering the PIN code on the display. The electronic door opener gives an acoustic and visual signal when the room is activated. The state of the room lighting is then immediately established by the room controller.

Staff Entry

Staff entry is designed conventionally. Here, the previous method using RFID cards is simply the most effective way. Hold the card close to the door and get immediate access; the cards do not have to be reissued permanently. The state of the room is set to the mode of the respective personnel group. For example, with housekeeping, the full lighting is not active and the menu for changing the room status appears directly on the TV.

Wall Panels

We offer shapely panels with direct display of the room number. Alternatively, you can also order a version without this display and suitable for all switch ranges, such as GIRA and other suppliers.

Bypass Reception

Open - Status indication

Two essential displays: Checked-in rooms are highlighted and the "time" for access is indicated in green; additionally acoustically by the electronic door opener.

Communication - Status indication

Status indication set by guest: Do not Disturb and Make up my Room. In addition, in case of an emergency, there is the option of intercom from the door to the reception. Communication from the outside to the inside also requires an intercom system; with modern soundproof doors, you can hardly hear any knocking on the door.

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Indoor / outdoor Communication

If the "door bell" is operated from the outside, a changed display for intercom or door release appears on all Smart Panels in the room; of course, an acoustic signal also sounds.

Door Requirements

You invest a lot of money in a modern room in order to give the guest a restful sleep in your house. Then don't save money at the doors: A loud "door-close" in the early morning will tear some guests out of their sleep. Modern hotel room doors are specially designed to counteract this.

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Green Rooms

Granted: We didn't come up with the idea, but if municipalities are already issuing green house number signs for particularly economical households today, then it's time to declare radiation protection rooms in hotels as Green Rooms.

Mounting Situation

Our Smart Panel can handle the space of a standard flush-mounted box. One connecting cable leads to the electronic door opener, another to the room controller unit. A standard hotel lock is used for the door. No worries: The emergency operation is of course guaranteed in case of power failure by a battery pack in the room controller or by POE - UPS supply.

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Economic Areas and Building Entrance

Our door locks can of course also be used for economic areas; or they use third-party products approved by us in offline mode. Vandal-resistant models for outdoor use are also used.