Smart Hotel TV im Hotelzimmer



Smart Hotel TVs have long since established themselves in the hotel industry. We use the model range of Samsung, LG, Loewe and Philips. These manufacturers ensure continuous continuity in terms of application interfaces. All annual line UPs are tested by us in the laboratory before delivery and our apps are adapted to changing technical conditions.


The installation is sometimes a small challenge. From a beauty point of view, the units should be mounted flat on the wall. From a technical point of view, however, rear ventilation must also be ensured. Above all, however, the guest's view from the bed and from the relax armchair must be guaranteed. This sometimes leads to special constructions as shown here.

TV-Installation an Wandhalter


Modern installations in the room are made purely as IPTV, i.e. TV only connected with a LAN connection. Of course, Smart Hotel TVs can also be operated classically with coax plus LAN connection or in the combination of coax plus WLAN. Here, however, optimum illumination must be ensured.

Country Bouquets

The TV channels, sorted by countries and genre bouquets, are presented to the guests. This creates the fastest overview, since the guest does not find his personal station sorting in the hotel like at home. The bouquet of the guest's country of origin is automatically placed at the top of the list after check-in.

Instant EPG auf dem TV

Instant EPG auf dem TV

Instant EPG

Our basic EPG (Electronic Program Guide) already offers the advantage that all channels are immediately displayed with program content. For many EPGs in the home area, the channels must first be called up once.

Program guide

The program guide as an app is our entertainment gem. Every guest finds his way immediately, because it is kept in the familiar analogue style. The data is always up-to-date and is generated by our head-end station. The current programmes are displayed in Live View picture mode.

Programmzeitschrift auf dem TV


Channel List

A channel list is mandatory for every Smart TV, because the guest does not find the same numbering in the hotel room as at home. Instead of a channel logo or name, you can also display Live View picture windows of the current programmes. An entertainment highlight, which is hardly available in the home area - friends of zapping around will be thrilled.

24h Reverse TV

Guests do not have to do without their usual TV series during their arrival or during daily appointments. With our new 24h Reverse TV function, you can easily scroll backwards 24 hours in the digital programme guide to follow the missed programme at the desired time. We do not use stationary recording sticks in the room, but realize this via our central entertainment streamer.

24 Stunden Reverse TV



Would you like to record a specific programme that will be in the future during your stay? With the PVR (Private Video Recorder) function, this function is also available to guests on request. This allows guests to create their own small media library - interesting when it comes to long-term guests.

Remote Control

A manufacturer's remote control is naturally supplied with every new Smart Hotel TV. For many guests, however, the respective model is often too incomprehensible to operate. mc³ optionally supplies a suitable hotel remote control, reduced to the most important functions. For app lovers, this remote control is also available as a touch version, embedded in the Guest Mobile App.


When and where do I need set-top boxes? If you still have several non-smart TVs for investment reasons or also as a modern Mirror TV solution in the bathroom. Even modern Gym devices are IPTV-capable. There is no difference in operation. Our apps behave in the same way as the certified Smart TV manufacturers.